The speculations and rumors kept on making rounds when the latest iPhone release is around the calendar and with every latest coming it seems like it’s the ultimate winner. But with even two years down the release date, iPhone 7 is still winning the hearts across the globe. It won’t be a revelation to many of the iPhone stats followers that iPhone released, back in September 2016 is still one of the most looked out for phones in the market. Not to forget, the year 2018 is around the corner and the world is all up on its heel to welcome New Year.
So this review is for all of the crazy iPhone 7 fans, who don’t want to spoil this beast of theirs and want to keep it as good as new.

Incipio Reprieve (Sport) Case for iPhone 7 Review

Is it Your Cup Of Tea?

You don’t want to get out of the budget and still want something giving premium protection to your phone; of course, this one is for you. It should be noted here that this case doesn’t add up to the looks of your phone, it is something simple and delicate. Incipio very much understands the targeted audience of theirs and that’s there out of the box effort that gives all the required protection in around half the price of other extravagant cases in the market.
The reinforced corners protection makes sure you don’t get deprived of your phone if it is prone to the accident drops. Moreover, being a transparent case it flaunts your iPhone logo and the slim and sleek body as well.

As Leonardo Da Vinci once said ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,’ this iPhone 7 case by Incipio preaches and practices the same. The color display on the reinforced corners fulfills your color satisfaction else it is a plain case that doesn’t make you look unique at all. Let it be mentioned that this transparent case doesn’t make you look outdated at all; it is just something less glitzy but equally attractive.

The case gives military-grade protection to your phone and as it is made up of clear polycarbonate it is something not to go wear and tear. Same goes for losing its color as it’s a transparent case that doesn’t have many colors to offer. One thing which is sure about the durability of this budget case is it is something to last long.

Damage on Pocket


Colour Options
Clear/Black, Clear/Cyan, Clear/Lime, Clear/Pink, Coral/Clear, Red/Clear, Volt/Smoke, and Black/Smoke.

What it is made up of?
Clear polycarbonate shell and Flexible Frame

Value for Money (VFM)
It gives the ultimate protection like many of the other high-range cases do so, but it still cost you around half less than the price of those. What makes it so cost-effective is the simplicity level as it doesn’t exhibit some theme-based cases or the one with specific prints. This case for around $30 usually offers the case that’s clear from the back, means you can show off the color of your phone; either it is golden, silver or what else.