OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 8/7 Review

After you get your hands on iPhone, the first and foremost initiative you need to go on with is buying a case for it and that too without breaking your bank. It would be true to many that after making a huge investment with buying an iPhone you won’t be trying to make an extravagant purchase. So with keeping on the beat of majority in priority, we very well understand that the case you’re buying is a kind of your protective agent; not meant to enhance the already exquisite look of your iPhone.

If you’re still an iPhone7/8 guy and want to make sure it remains with you in the mint condition, this review is actually for you.

OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone 8/7

Arguably, the king of iPhone cases when it is about the rugged protection of your phone, Otterbox is pampering you with their best services since 2012. A common mindset regarding Otterbox cases is they are ‘unbeatable’ no matter how tough you go on them. And when we actually refer to the ‘Defender Series’, it’s about the guaranteed protection.

Is it your Cup of Tea?

The difference of opinion needs to be respected so the difference of choices. Following that, before glancing at the price tag and colour options, you need to be sure that is this case actually designed for you?

The ultra-protection is the sole purpose of this case, no matter you’re a mountaineer guy or the most carefree person on planet Earth.  This full-covered case gives you the shock and drop protection even if you gets it fallen from a certain height. So you go with your tough routine without even having a second thought about your phone getting damaged, scratch, ding, bump, crack or even anything else. It should also be noted that it doesn’t add too much of bulk and offers a better hand grip plus you can attach the hostler with your belt and strap as well.


Hell of protection doesn’t mean it’s going to cost you your style or class; with even the full-covering this case is must-have for those who proudly flaunt the half-eaten apple logo on the backside of the phone. Apart from that, the other design makes it look trendy as well. At first glance, it looks like some metal-armoured case but with actually feeling it turns out to be a flexible long-lasting plastic material.


It’s a premium covering with powering of the right material, it isn’t something that you’d have to change in weeks or months’ time, it’s a protection that may go on with several calendar changes.


Damage on Pocket



Colour Options

Black, Stormy Peaks, Purple Nebula, Coral Dot, Rosmarine Way, Big Sur


What it is made up of?

ABS plastic that’s Powered with Fiberglass and High Impact Polycarbonate.


Value For Money (VFM)

It’s a sort of real-estate investment that may cost an arm and leg in the beginning but in longer-run it’s worth it.  In comparison with all the protections it provides, it’s a wise investment.