You still want to catch up with the pace of iPhone trends and ‘bigger the better’ is not something you go out for so it won’t be surprising that you’re satisfied to have your hands on iPhone XS or the predecessor iPhone X.  Even though these phones still fail to satisfy the appetite of those one-hand users; they work as an icing on the cake for those who are iPhone-lover and non-phablet size fan as well.

To make sure the protection of your iPhone XS/X until Apple Inc. backstops and offers something of lesser size will be your ultimate goal and we support you doing that. Among the dozens of protection cases you could go out for, we can’t overlook the strenuous efforts of Urban Armor Gear in giving your phone a full shield that too without making you feel too outdated.

Is it Your Cup of Tea?

If you’re the one who doesn’t shy away from going out-of-the-box and trying something that everyone isn’t running after this piece is actually for you. This product may turn out dismay to those eyeing decent outlook but will be a go-to case for those who ain’t compromise on style.

This UAG Monarch series guarantees the premium protection with even pampering you with the 10-years limited warranty offer. If that doesn’t get you to the edge of your seat, the 2X Military drop-test standards clearance would actually do so.

The grip around and protection covering makes it more of the item well-suited for the hunks, athletes, and young lads.


This premium looking case itself looks like some gadget that’s carved out of the finest metal. However, it’s actually the top grain leather that gives it a metallic-feel.  It seems apt for the one looking for complete-covering of the phone and is not much into the Apple logo flaunting. The company initials written on the case might offend some as it’s too much of branding on it.



This case is on deputation to give your phone great protection that adds to the durability of your phone, and when you talk about the durability of the savior (case) itself, it is something to last long. For those who actually believe in numbers, to be precise UAG offers a ten-year limited warranty for the monarch series cases.  It should be noted here that Monarch Series is something this company brags about as ultra-premium protection and that’s what makes them too confidence regarding the warranty of these products; else other UAG products only have a year limited time warranty.

Damage on Pocket


Colour Options

Graphite, Platinum, Crimson, Carbon Fiber, and Black

What is it made up of?

Alloy Metal Hardware and Top Grain Leather

Value for Money (VFM)

This can be your ultimate go-to case as it is specially planned for daunting protection. It guards your phone against cracks, dings, and scratches. So getting your $899 gadget product protected by $59.95 case is something one should go out for straightaway.

Monarch Series iPhone Xs/X Case